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  • Increase sales
  • Decrease staffing
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Integrate easily and completely

Waiting in line is so 2009. Online ordering is now.

Online ordering will soon become a part of our dining habits. For the majority of us, we keep our computers, tablets and/or phones within arm’s reach all day, every day. Whether we use these devices for business or pleasure, knowing that we can access anything with a click or a swipe provides abundant ease. Why shouldn’t your restaurant or business provide the same convenience?

With the SmartPOS online ordering solution, orders are automatically pushed down to the store and printed in the kitchen along with payment and delivery information. The process will be so easy, your customers will be back time and time again with the option to get the usual or try something completely different.

To speak with one of our solutions experts about SmartPOS’s online ordering for restaurants, click HERE.

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